Koukaboku ( 紅花墨 )

Kobaien Inksticks
Kobaien inkstick, Nara, Japan

Koukaboku ( 紅花墨 )

In 1739, Matsui,Motoyasu, the sixth successor of Kobaien, went to Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan.

There he interacted with  ink craftsmen of the Qing dynasty and collaborated with them on the production of ink. Koukaboku is one of the best inks born from that study.

Koukaboku is also known as “Ohanzumi ( The ink of flower ) “. Five-star and four-star Koukaboku inks are made from rapeseed oil. Three-star, two-star, and one-star Koukaboku inks are made from Kouba-en’s original mineral oil.

( Width x Length x Thickness )

1/3 CHOU : 13mm x 50mm x 10mm
 – 10 CHOU : 39mm x 175mm x 10mm

( Japanese Yen )

2,000 JPY – 35,000 JPY

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